Les Thermes du Mzaar includes a wide range of spaces and areas that are readily available for use. These include relaxation zones, a pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a hammam and a tea room.

Les Thermes du Mzaar also enables you to reserve a whole area for private events.

relaxation area

Les Thermes du Mzaar has within its relaxation area 15 cabins tailored for its different cares and cures.


The pool within our spa is carefully heated and

 therefore offers a perfect break from the exterior. This intense moment

of relaxation can also become a tonic break while using jacuzzi and 

the aqua bike and aqua gym classes.


Our wooden sauna is a must during the winter season!

Beside its health benefits, it is perfect to relax.


This stream bath is not only an intense moment of pure relaxation,

but also a beauty ritual: it eliminates the toxines from the

body and softens the skin.

fitness center

Our fitness center is equipped with high-end material and tailored

for all of your needs. Our personal trainers are available

to advise and help you reach your goals.

tea room

Don't forget to pass by our tea room in between

your cares. We will be more than happy to serve you.